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Seattle MIP Lawyer: Protecting the futures of high school and college students

Our private practice Seattle lawyers take a limited caseload so they can dedicate themselves to doing whatever it takes to get the best possible resolution for your Seattle MIP case. Much like any criminal cases, MIP cases are won through preparation, and a thorough review of the facts of your case.

Attorney Steve Graham

Attorney Steve Graham is recognized nationwide for his experience and dedication defending college students. He has been cited by several college newspapers, and was interviewed for the popular Los Angeles radio show “It’s a Crime” for his experience on the privacy rights of college students in college dormitories. Due to his experience with college students, many young people have Mr. Graham on “speed dial.”

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MIP Attorneys, Seattle WA

MIP Attorneys Seattle WAA parent is often not quite sure how to react when their son or daughter is cited for MIP or underage drinking. On one hand we realize that they will not always be perfect, and we know that almost all minors experiment with alcohol before they turn 21 years of age. On the other hand, we hope that our children will not have to go to court, and are mindful that alcohol consumption can become excessive, and can lead to problems.

When a parent learns of the offense it is often due to a phone call from the Seattle police, or when a college student phones home to report the issue. Under the Federal Educational Records Privacy Act, colleges can report to parents when a student receives an MIP charge his or her freshman year.

For a lot of parents, the thinking is that they would like their child to learn their lesson, but they also don’t want the offense to haunt their child for the rest of their life as a black mark on their permanent record. This is where a defense lawyer comes in. A good defense lawyer can often negotiate a deal where the charge is continued for a year or so on the condition that the student stay out of trouble and then the matter is dismissed if the student complies. Such a resolution is often called an “SOC” (stipulation on continuance) or “CFD” (continuance for dismissal).

The National Trial LawyersMr. Graham recognizes that the foremost concern is protecting the client from having a criminal record that could limit his or her options in life. For a young person, a brush with the law should be a learning experience. It should not close doors for educational and employment opportunities.

He is regularly asked to comment on legal matters by prestigious publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Seattle Weekly, and the Seattle Times. Attorney Graham has served as faculty for the Bar Association teaching criminal law to new lawyers, and two of his criminal cases have been featured in the National Enquirer.